DELIGHTED staff at Eastbank Academy in Shettleston have welcomed a positive report from school inspectors.

Headteacher Jonathan Graham said: ““Be in no doubt: this is a strong report.  I am delighted with it and believe that it captures the school well.”

The Education Scotland team praised the “highly effective leadership of the headteacher and the positive impact of the school values” and added: “These are promoting increased aspiration, a shared sense of purpose and an ethos based on respect and responsibility.”

The team noted that: “Staff have worked skilfully to create an environment where young people feel safe, cared for and nurtured.

“Senior leaders’ and staff’s focus on promoting positive relationships is supporting this well. This is demonstrated clearly by the positive interactions of young people with their peers, and also with staff.”

The report also praised the “increasing range of options available to young people to achieve in S4 to S6” and said: “This has started to lead to improvements in attainment and is resulting in almost all young people moving on successfully to further education, training or into employment.”

Some areas for improvement were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Glasgow City Council. Inspectors advised the school should “continue to develop approaches to raising attainment for all young people, including young people who face additional challenges with their learning” and “improve approaches to equity” adding: “This includes improving attendance and attainment for young people entitled to additional support. Staff now need to better evidence the impact of their work in this area to demonstrate improved progress for young people.”

Headteacher Mr Graham added: “The report recognises the many improvements that have been, and continue to be, implemented by the school, and makes repeated reference to our school values, relationships, and strong leadership at all levels. 

“It also acknowledges the significant improvements in attainment that we have effected, and will continue to build upon.  I look forward to the inspectors returning in a few years' time to see further evidence of continued progress.”

He said: “I am incredibly grateful to all members of the Eastbank community - staff, pupils, parents and carers, and other partners - for working together to secure this positive outcome.  I know we will continue to work together going forward to ensure that Eastbank Academy goes from strength to strength, and secure the very best for our young people.”

Councillor Christina Cannon, education convenor at Glasgow City Council, said: “This is a very positive report for the school and has endorsed the effective leadership of the headteacher and nurturing support of his team. I am delighted to see that inspectors are encouraged by the work of the school to raise attainment and achievement and the opportunities young people have to encourage post school destinations.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.