A GLASGOW headteacher whose school received an impressive “report card” from inspectors has welcomed the findings.

Cathy Crawford, who is at the helm of Tinto Primary in Hillpark on the Southside of the city, said: “We are delighted that the report recognised and highlighted our hard work and dedication as a whole school community.

“It reflects our true values as a team and as a family. We strive every day to make a difference.”

Education Scotland inspectors found “positive relationships between staff and children which are underpinned by the school values” and said: “This is creating a respectful, supportive and inclusive learning environment across the school which celebrates everyone as individuals.”

There are more than 400 pupils at Tinto Primary and around 40% of children have a main home language which is not English. There are currently 26 different home languages spoken across the school.

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The report also praised “the high level of support given to children to make progress in their learning” and added: “Children who require additional support with their learning, and those who are new to English, make good progress. Focused interventions are leading to improved attainment for children in literacy and numeracy.”

School staff and key partners were commended for their work with children and their families to reduce the cost of the school day and address any barriers to learning.

Areas for improvement were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Glasgow City Council.

The inspectors advised the school should “improve and enrich the learning experiences of children working at the early level”, adding: “An increased focus on play-based learning would support children to apply learned skills to a wider range of real life situations.”

The report added the school should ensure “all learning activities are delivered at a brisker pace and at the right level of difficulty for all children".

Councillor Christina Cannon, city convener for education and early years, said: “What a lovely report for Tinto Primary. It highlights the respectful, supportive and inclusive learning environment that celebrates every child.

“School staff are very experienced at supporting pupils in their learning and working with families to identify any barriers to learning.

“Congratulations to the school community on the publication of this positive inspection report.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.