Douglas Ross and Humza Yousaf clashed over Glasgow’s Low Emission zone in Holyrood today.

In an, at times, angry change the Tory leader said the SNP was "tone deaf" to the concerns of businesses and charities while the First Minister said the Tories opposed every climate change measure.

The Scottish Conservative leader said the scheme was a “shambles in the making” and accused the SNP in the city of failing to listen to charities and businesses who said it will have a serious impact.

Ross raised the cases of Homeless Project Scotland and Patons Accident Repair Centre, both featured in the Glasgow Times.

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Homeless Project Scotland said it had been refused an exemption for its fridge van, used to collect food and Patons is taking legal action to stop phase two of the LEZ.

Ross said: “The problem with this policy is in the delivery.”

The LEZ phase two affecting cars and vans comes into force today, June 1, with petrol vehicles older than 2006 and diesel before September 2015 not allowed to enter the LEZ, which covers the city centre.

Referring to wider actions on the environment and climate change including workplace parking and the deposit return scheme, Ross said the SNP has made a Shambolic mess of every one”.

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He labelled the LEZ “The latest anti-driver policy from the SNP” and also quoted the Nighttime Industry Association(NIA) in the city and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce which had concerns about the implementation of the policy.

Ross added: "The delivery of these schemes has been tone deaf” and called for the LEZ to be delayed for another year to allow more time for people, businesses and charities to be ready.

Yousaf said the Conservatives demand action on the climate emergency but opposed every measure the government brings forward purely because it is the SNP.

On the implementation of the LEZ he said: “If we had delayed, more people would suffer dire consequences.

“Because air pollution is nowhere near where we want it to be.”

He said there had been “considerable engagement” with the community and charities.

He added there had been millions of pounds allocated in the LEZ support fund to retrofit vehicles.

He said there was £1.7m spent in 2020/21, £3.85m in 2021/22 and £5m in 2022/23 with two and half thousand vehicles retrofitted.