A FOOTBALL fan heading home from a match had his life saved by fellow Partick Thistle fans.

Robert Reid said the last few days have shown him how "the support doesn’t end with the whistle”, following the frightening incident on Friday night.

The 67-year-old was at Newton-on-Ayr train station following the club’s second leg at Somerset Park.

He suddenly fell ill but the quick-thinking support of many fans “proved the difference between life and death”.

Robert received CPR and emergency assistance from several supporters for around 25 minutes before being treated by paramedics and taken to a local hospital.

He was then transferred to Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

Medical staff have since revealed that Robert only had a 5% chance of surviving, had fellow Thistle supporters not jumped into action.

A Partick Thistle spokesperson said: “It has become clear that many Thistle supporters acted heroically and selflessly to help in several ways when the incident happened on Friday night.

“Such was the team effort, there are too many to thank individually however Robert and his family and friends would like to single out Dr Tim Parke – an emergency medicine specialist who led the lifesaving efforts, alongside many others nearby who fortunately were also qualified to do so.”

Robert’s family added: “The doctor Tim, and several others, assisted Robert so professionally – without them he simply wouldn’t still be with us.

“A heartfelt thanks is extended to everyone involved; in fact, the whole Thistle support was a credit to the club in assisting in every way possible.”

Representatives from the club hope to visit Robert late this week or early next week after a previously planned visit had to be cancelled due to a further hospital transfer.

Robert said: “Having supported the Jags since 1964, I thought I had seen the best of the club in every respect – these last few days have shown me how the support doesn’t end with the whistle.”

“Everyone at Partick Thistle FC would like to echo that sincerest thank you to each and every supporter who assisted in any way on Friday night – you are a credit to the club you support,” a spokesperson said.

“We wish Robert an ongoing, safe, and full recovery.

“Robert and his friends and family also acknowledged there may be some supporters who have now witnessed two distressing events following away games in quick succession, following the tragic passing of Thistle fan Mark Becci after the Raith Rovers fixture at the start of May.

"The funeral of Mark took place earlier this week, with the wake held at Firhill, and everyone at Partick Thistle would like to once again extend their condolences to the family and friends of ‘Sketch’ at this difficult time.”