A flat offered to a man with a severe mould allergy “does not meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard” according to an independent inspector.

Alex Gordon has been requesting a move to a new home for years as he suffers from serious respiratory issues and, according to his GP, his current home in the South Side of Glasgow has been affecting his health.

The Glasgow Times has reported on Mr Gordon’s situation with Wheatley Homes Glasgow in his current home.

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The landlord has offered him a flat and agreed to independent inspections before he moves in.

The latest report by Kristine Reilly-Blake, a certified indoor air quality environmentalist, has shown there are four types of mould present, “that are a known hazard to human health” including aspergillus, to which Mr Gordon has an allergy to.

Wheatly Homes Glasgow said it is doing work at the property to resolve the issues, which will not be completed for another few weeks.

It also said there are no available new build homes in the area at present.

The report found “all 4 common moulds found in domestic buildings are present (Aspergillus, Cladosporium. Penicillium and Stachybotrys Chartarum) alongside other water indicating fungi and universal fungi.”

Ms Reilly-Blake concluded: “In its current state this property does not fit the Scottish Housing Quality Standard set out by the Scottish Government.”

The standard states homes should be: free from serious disrepair; be energy efficient; Have modern facilities and services; and be healthy, safe and secure.

She found the flat is “the perfect environment for mould growth with Relative Humidity levels being recorded at 76% this being a constant source of moisture for microbial growth.

The inspector said: “Due to the severity of Mr Gordon’s mould allergy and his underlying health conditions this property would only cause further health-related issues.”

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The inspector’s report has been passed to Wheatly Homes Glasgow and tells them Mr Gordon and his family would be best placed in a new build home or a home that has not suffered any effects of damp, mould or IAQ issues to prevent further health-related issues to him or his family.

She said: “The time it will take to ensure this property is fit for Mr Gordon and his family after remedial works and further IAQ sampling to determine if contaminate levels have reduced significantly will be in the range of months over weeks. It would be in the tenant’s best interests to find a more suitable property.”

Mr Gordon said he cannot accept the property in the light of the inspection report.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “I cannot move from one horrible situation to another.

“They have asked me if I want the flat, yes or no.

“I told them they have the reports, I have a mould allergy. I cannot move to another horrible house.”

A spokesperson for Wheatley Homes Glasgow said: “The major improvement work to the flat at Barrmill Road is not due to be completed until mid-June. Mr Gordon’s survey was carried out while work is still ongoing.

“The family have been given our highest priority for rehousing. We’re continuing to do everything we can to help them move to a home which meets their needs.

“As soon as a suitable top-floor flat becomes available in Mansewood or Eastwood it will be offered to them. Unfortunately, there is a very low turnover of homes in these areas.  

“We’ll continue to work closely with the family to look at all options, including widening their choices to other areas of the city.”