Frankie Boyle has been cleared after joking about petrol bombing the Royal Family.

The 50-year-old Glasgow comedian, known for his brutal one-liners, made the controversial swipe as part of his Channel 4 documentary.

Frankie Boyle's Farewell to the Monarchy programme saw him open up about his honest opinion of the Royals.

In an advert for the show he says: "Let's get out on the streets and raise a bottle to them… filled with petrol and a burning rag."

The Scottish Sun reported that the comment sparked 114 complaints to broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, from upset viewers who believed it promoted violence towards members of the family.

A further 22 people also complained about remarks made about the late Queen including: "I didn't make any jokes when the Queen died.

“I maintained a strict silence as I tried to sneak back out of her bedroom."

The Scottish Sun reported Ofcom assessed the programme, which aired on April 30, but has now said they found it did not raise issues that warranted an official investigation under the Broadcasting Code.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: "We assessed complaints from viewers who felt this comedy programme was disrespectful towards the Royal Family.

"We took into account audience expectations of the presenter, the fact the programme was broadcast after the watershed, and the advance warning displayed that it contained potentially offensive views about the monarchy."

Regarding Boyle's comments in the trailer, the spokesperson added: "In our view, Frankie Boyle’s delivery and the nature of the trailer, meant that these references were clearly comedic rather than a serious incitement to violence, and so we will not be pursuing this further."

We previously reported how Boyle was been enlisted to 'offer an alternative' to the 'pomp and ceremony' of King Charles's coronation coverage.

In a pre-coronation special he describes the British monarchy as 'increasingly appearing like animals in a zoo that's fallen on hard times - fidgety, balding, pacing up and down their marble cage'.

Taking viewers on a 'wry and spiky' journey through the monarchy's 1000-year history, audiences watched a ruthless review of the state of the Royal family and its future.

Pulling out all the stops, Boyle dissected a royal past filled with "violent, ruthless land grabbing, child murdering, wife beheading, slave trading, misogynism and empire building".