HI-TECH learning and pupils who make sure “everyone is included” have won top marks from inspectors at a South Lanarkshire school.

The Education Scotland team praised Quarter Primary School and Nursery in Hamilton after a recent visit.

Inspectors noted: “Children learn in a nurturing environment where everyone is respected, valued and included….they are polite, kind, caring and ensure everyone is included at their school.”

Glasgow Times: Children at Quarter Primary and NurseryChildren at Quarter Primary and Nursery (Image: South Lanarkshire Council)

The report added: “Led effectively by the headteacher, the nursery and school team have continued to prioritise children’s learning and wellbeing during periods of change.

“Children’s achievements are effectively recognised and celebrated throughout the school and nursery class. Children are valued members of their school community.”

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The clever use of technology in a range of situations was also commended by the inspectors.

Glasgow Times: The use of technology was widely praisedThe use of technology was widely praised (Image: South Lanarkshire Council)

Children use laptops and tablets to access educational games, younger pupils use collaborative online tools to help them carry out research and older students create presentations using text, images and animations. Across the school, children use technology to record examples of their work to share with their teacher and peers.

Head teacher Sharon Bokas said: “I feel immensely proud of our pupils and staff, and we are delighted that inspectors recognised the hard work and high standards in our school and nursery class.

“We have created a nurturing space for young people in which they feel supported to develop key skills in literacy and numeracy."

Glasgow Times: Technology in the classroom at Quarter PrimaryTechnology in the classroom at Quarter Primary (Image: South Lanarkshire Council)

She added: “We value the support provided and will use the findings of this report to further develop our practice and continue to strive to improve outcomes for all our pupils.”

Tony McDaid, executive director of Education at South Lanarkshire Council, said: “Congratulations to Sharon Bokas for her leadership and to all the school staff, parents and families for their fantastic dedication and commitment which has clearly been highlighted in this report.

Glasgow Times: The outdoors area at Quarter Nursery SchoolThe outdoors area at Quarter Nursery School (Image: South Lanarkshire Council)

“The inspectors were clearly impressed with the ethos of the school and were particularly impressed by the use of technology to broaden the children’s learning experiences.

“The report is yet another reminder of just how much hard work and dedication everyone in the school community is making to ensure that the children are getting the very best start in their educational journey.”