A "CREEPY" tree covered in a giant web has been spotted in Renfrewshire. 

Photos and videos of the tree, which is situated behind a residential street in Linwood, have been shared with the Glasgow Times. 

It has been confirmed by the Butterfly Conservation charity that ermine moth caterpillars have created the webbing.

A spokesperson said: "The webs provide protection from predators and the webs and the caterpillars are harmless.

"The webs slowly disappear over the summer and the adult moths fly later in the summer. There won’t be any lasting damage to the tree."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The tree was completely covered, including the trunk, branches and even leaves. 

A large section of grass beside the tree was also covered. 

The caterpillars, which were spotted moving on the tree, usually last from May to June before disappearing until the adult moths set flight in the late summer.

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According to the Butterfly Conservation charity's website, the webs can hide hundreds and sometimes tens of thousands of caterpillars.

The webs have previously been known to take over nearby objects, including benches, bicycles and even cars.