REVENGE on the man who attacked her mother is coming, hints River City star Jenny Hulse, of her latest dramatic storyline in the show.

But perhaps not exactly as viewers might expect…

“Amber is dealing with the aftermath of Lydia’s rape, working with the family to seek revenge against Andrew, but not in the way the Murdochs are accustomed to,” she explains.

Since joining the popular BBC drama in 2016, Amber has gone to prison for shooting a gangster, lost a child to cancer, shot her dad and watched her mum come back from the dead.

Glasgow Times: Jenny with Frank Gallagher, as Amber and Lenny MurdochJenny with Frank Gallagher, as Amber and Lenny Murdoch (Image: BBC)

Jenny agrees, with a laugh: “She’s seen a lot in her life. I love being part of River City. It’s such an iconic show and the actors I get to work with are wonderful.”

Away from Shieldinch for the moment, however, Jenny is equally enthusiastic about The Stamping Ground, a new stage musical featuring the hits of Runrig which is at the King’s Theatre from June 13 to 17.

It follows the story of Euan and Annie, who return to their rural Scottish community after years away, seeking a fresh start with their teenage daughter.

Jenny plays Annie, who has put her dreams and desires on hold for her family, but finally starts to “reconnect with herself”.

Glasgow Times: Jenny in The Stamping GroundJenny in The Stamping Ground (Image: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan)

“I have absolutely loved being a part of The Stamping Ground,” she says, fervently. “And I can totally relate to Annie’s ‘reconnection to self’.

“I haven’t been on stage for years, and coming back to it and singing again really has ignited something in me. It was always there, it had just been quiet for a little while.”

Born in London to musical parents, Jenny moved to Edinburgh at the age of seven, when her mother, Ruth Crouch, took a job with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

She admits, with some embarrassment, the music of Runrig was new to her when she joined The Stamping Ground.

Glasgow Times: The cast of The Stamping GroundThe cast of The Stamping Ground (Image: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan)

“But I did randomly work with Rory Macdonald’s daughter at the Grosvenor cinema when I was a student, selling tickets and popcorn,” she laughs. “The music is incredible. It’s so vast and the lyrics really lend themselves to acting through song.

“Growing up my musical taste wasn’t so cool. Lots of boy bands.

“I loved that music could tell stories. I did a lot of making up plays to whatever music was being played in the house, and roping my brother and cousins into it.”

She pauses. “We did a musical based on the story of Flash Gordon using the music of Oasis,” she adds with a smile. “Very weird.”

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Jenny has a string of stage and screen credits to her name - Outlaw King, In Plain Sight (the TV miniseries based on the quest to catch Glasgow serial killer Peter Manuel) and Taggart, for example – but it is as ferocious, charming Amber Murdoch that she is probably best known.

“I do get recognised, and it’s nice to meet people who enjoy it,” she says. “Mostly they want to ask about other characters, though - what’s Lenny like?”

Glasgow Times: Jenny HulseJenny Hulse (Image: BBC)

Despite being two very different characters, Jenny says there are similarities between Amber and Annie.

“While completely different and from different worlds, they are both striving to be true to themselves,” she explains.

Glasgow Times: Jenny HulseJenny Hulse (Image: The Stamping Ground)

“And inevitably there will be fallout from that. I can’t wait to bring the show to Glasgow. It’s a fantastic night out, and a chance to play at the King’s really is a dream come true.”

After the tour, and a summer holiday, Jenny will back in Shieldinch.

“It has been great playing a different character for a while, but I always come back to Amber,” she says. “It’s a role I will always be thankful for.”

The Stamping Ground is at the King’s Theatre from June 13 until 17.