IN the west end of Glasgow, along the Kelvin Walkway next to the ruins of the old flint mill, a wee group of clay penguins has popped up in the holes in the wall.   

Now, a plea has been launched for people to stop pinching them.

Their anonymous creator said: “The penguins I make are in the public realm, and I had to accept right from the start that some would get damaged or even removed.  

“However, this doesn't mean I'm not annoyed by it, and I really wish people wouldn't do it as the penguins are meant to be there to bring happiness to everyone.  

“There are a couple of times when a lot of the penguins have gone missing all at once that I've thought about giving up, but the response from the people who love them, especially the kids, has been so positive that it's kept me going.” 

The story goes that the penguins appeared in March this year after fleeing Antartica because it was getting too warm, and have made themselves at home in the city, putting smiles on the faces of passersby.   

They have become an integral part of the street art in the area, some people interpreting them as a movement against climate change or in support of immigration.   

The penguins partake in different activities; from litter picking to drinking Buckfast, and from rock climbing to forming a punk band. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

They also make appearances around Scotland, alongside their penguin relatives at Edinburgh Zoo, and were spotted on a trip to The University Café on Byres Road for ice cream last week.   

Glasgow Times:

Recently, some of the penguins were snatched from their home which resulted in many social media posts pleading for their safe return.   

Still Game star Gavin Mitchell, who plays Bobby the Barman, has expressed his disappointment. 

Mitchell (below) told The National: “Please don’t spoil the hard work and everyone else’s fun by nicking the penguins!  

“They just bring such joy to everyone.   

Glasgow Times: Picture Nick Ponty 22/1/16Still Game star Gavin Mitchell promotes Tennents pub quiz. (53652392)

“A lovely, creatively surreal and spontaneous addition for young and old to share together and put a smile on everyone’s faces.   

“Please don’t spoil the hard work and everyone’s fun by nicking them, or they might leave, and we’ll never see them again ... and I’ll give you a hard slap with a kipper!”  

Thanks to the creator's hard work, the penguins were replaced, and new scenes pop up every week or so for walkers to enjoy.