An award-winning comedian has announced their first-ever tour – with a Glasgow date.

Leigh Francis will visit the city’s Royal Concert Hall on March 21, 2024, as part of an 18-date tour across the UK, called ‘My First Time’.

The BAFTA-winning Celebrity Juice presenter is known for his characters and sketches such as Keith Lemon, Bear, Avid Merrion and more.

He said: "Hey, really exciting news! Well, exciting for me! I hope it’s exciting for you! Or at least provokes some sort of interest!

“I mean, just look how many exclamation marks there is in this quote! It’s definitely news with exciting intent! 

“So what is this exciting news? I’m doing my first-ever tour! Never done one before. It’s gonna have masks in it! The Bear, Avid Merrion, Amanda Holden’s Gran, not her actual gran but me playing her.

“I’ll also be playing Keith Lemon, I look just like him! It’s me doing all the characters I do that hopefully have the intent to provoke hilarity! So many exclamation marks, and the word ‘intent’ and ‘provoke’ twice! I’m excited!

“Come see ME being other people LIVE for the first time!

"It’ll be your first time and my first time! Hence the title of the tour MY FIRST TIME! (There’s another exclamation mark) how exciting!"

Tickets go on general sale from June 23 at 10am.