Glasgow has been named the Greggs capital of the UK with more outlets than any other place in the country.

Sausage rolls, steak bakes and pasties are proving to be in high demand in our city as we have a total of 54 Greggs stores, reports the Mirror.

As Greggs produces around 545,000 sausage rolls per year, with a daily average of 1500 per store, this means that a whopping 29.4 million sausage rolls are made for Glasgow every year.

This equates to 46 sausage rolls for every person in the city.  

Glasgow is followed by Birmingham, with 49 Greggs outlets, and then Leeds comes in third with 43.

While we are the home to the most Greggs outlets, Newcastle has been dubbed the sausage roll capital of the UK.

With 33 stores in Newcastle producing around just under 18 million sausage rolls, this adds up to 60 per person.