IT IS not just the summer sun which has been shining brightly at St Bride’s Primary.

The Govanhill school’s impressive pupils and dedicated staff dazzled inspectors on a recent visit, much to the delight of headteacher Louise Kerr, who sees the positive report as a win for the whole community.

“This is a good story, not just for the school, but for Govanhill,” says Louise.

“It's an amazing place. Cultural diversity in this area is often talked about as if it is a problem. At St Bride’s Primary, it’s a celebration.”

Glasgow Times: Children at St Bride's Primary in Govanhill love their schoolChildren at St Bride's Primary in Govanhill love their school (Image: Robert Perry/Newsquest)

In front of a giant poster which explains the school’s motto ("In St Bride’s, We Shine"), Dugyu and Denis, who are both 11 and in primary seven, 10-year-old Nura, who is in primary six, Ana-Maria, eight, who is in primary four, and six-year-old Shasmeen, a primary one pupil, are explaining why their school is the best in Glasgow. Or possibly the world.

“There are lots of opportunities for us to get involved in our school, like digital leaders, reading ambassadors and the pupil council,” explains Duygu. “Also, we have maths champions and language ambassadors.”

There are more than 20 languages spoken at St Bride’s, including Romanian, Slovakian, Italian, Roma, Polish, Spanish and Czech.

Glasgow Times: Teachers and pupils were praised in the inspection reportTeachers and pupils were praised in the inspection report (Image: Robert Perry/Newsquest)

Denis adds: “We think it’s great so many languages are spoken in our school. We have a language of the month where we can all learn about the different languages spoken by our friends and this month, it is Czech. Did you know ‘hi’ in Czech is ‘ahoj’?”

Nura adds: “Our school is the best in Glasgow and our headteacher is lovely. I want to be a teacher when I grow up because my school has inspired me.”

Shasmeen says: “My school is perfect. The teachers are kind and look after you if you are hurt.”

Glasgow Times: The pupils and staff at St Bride's Primary in GovanhillThe pupils and staff at St Bride's Primary in Govanhill (Image: Robert Perry/Newsquest)

Education Scotland inspectors highlighted that more than half of the 255 pupils at St Bride’s take on leadership roles and enjoy the responsibility and the chance to contribute to the life of the school.

Recently, the rights ambassadors listened to suggestions from fellow pupils and created a new prayer room, and revamped the house points system. A new uniform is coming too, after consultation with pupils and families – it’s out with the brown and yellow and in with more accessible grey, white and blue.

Glasgow Times: Headteacher Louise KerrHeadteacher Louise Kerr (Image: Robert Perry/Newsquest)

Language ambassadors help translate for parents and new pupils, and reading ambassadors read to younger children in their home language to help them settle in.

“And we also have playground pals,” chips in Ana-Maria. “We help out at playtime, if someone is on their own and is lonely, and we find them a friend.”

Inspectors also praised the school’s “nurturing and inclusive ethos”, described pupils as “very positive and articulate” and added: “They are proud to be part of their school.”

Glasgow Times: St Bride's Primary in GovanhillSt Bride's Primary in Govanhill (Image: Robert Perry/Newsquest)

The report also said: “Children enjoy learning about, and celebrating, the cultural diversity of the school community. Children recognise and value difference in society and challenge discrimination."

Louise, who joined St Bride’s firstly as acting headteacher in January 2020, was praised for her “strong leadership” in the report, ably backed by depute heads Oliver Duffield and Fiona Buchanan, and principal teacher Kayleigh Wilson.

Glasgow Times: Headteacher Louise with her senior management teamHeadteacher Louise with her senior management team (Image: Robert Perry/Newsquest)

“I’m proud of all our staff here, who are very much invested in the life of the school,” adds Louise.

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“But our children are the stars of the show. I’m glad the inspectors picked up on the way our pupils respect each other’s differences and celebrate the many different cultures we have here.

“For ninety-six percent of our pupils, English is not their first language. I’m glad the inspectors understood the context of our school, the different challenges we face, and all the work we are doing as a team to overcome those challenges.”

Nura sums it up. “Our school teaches us to respect each other and it is really lovely because we know everyone matters here,” she says, thoughtfully. “Our school is a beautiful place.”