A Highland cow was spotted wandering on a busy road in Glasgow. 

The animal escaped from Pollok Country Park on Saturday morning and made its way to Barrhead Road - near Silverburn Shopping Centre. 

A video widely shared on social media shows the cow being caught by a member of the park's livestock team - as traffic sits at a standstill. 

But the animal decided to escape from the woman, running further down the road.

Police were stopping further traffic from entering the area.

Glasgow City Council, which runs Pollok Park, revealed no-one was hurt during the incident, including the cow. 

A spokesman for the council said: “We were alerted early on Saturday morning that one of the Highland cows at Pollok Country Park had escaped onto the neighbouring golf course, before making its way to Barrhead Road.

“A member of our livestock team was at the scene minutes later and with assistance from Police Scotland, was able to bring the animal under control.

“The cow was unharmed in the course of the incident and no members of the public sustained any injuries.”