The NHS has asked Brits to sign a special 'birthday card' to celebrate its 75th anniversary. 

The National Health Service, which was founded in 1948, was the first universal health system to be available to all and free at the point of delivery.

As the UK marks this momentous milestone of a beloved institution, Brits are being encouraged to 'go on, get a card' - an organ donor card. 

The official NHS UK Twitter account, which was decorated in balloons on its profile on Wednesday, shared: "Don't worry about getting us a birthday card to celebrate #NHS75...

"Instead, we'll be more than happy with you getting an organ donor card for registering to become a donor for the first time. Confirm your organ donation decision today."

How to get an organ donor card as NHS marks 75th birthday 

The tweet links out to the official form where you can officially record their decision to donate some or all of their organs. 

The form asks you to fill in your personal details including your name, title, date of birth, address and contact details.

You will also be given the choice to donate all or some of your organs and tissue.

If you click on the 'some' option, you will then be presented with a drop-down choice where you can select the organs and tissue you are okay with donating. 

There's also more detailed information available on each organ and tissue to help with your decision. 

Glasgow Times: NHS marks its 75th anniversary on July 5 2023. ( PA)NHS marks its 75th anniversary on July 5 2023. ( PA) (Image: PA)

The NHS form then asks you to disclose whether you want a member of NHS staff to speak to your family or another appropriate person about how organ donation can go ahead in line with your faith and beliefs.

This is part of the NHS's faith and beliefs commitment which was designed to support "your faith and beliefs throughout the organ or tissue donating process."

You will then be asked to share additional information including disclosing your ethnicity and religion which the NHS says will only be used by the NHSBT for analysis of the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Finally, you will need to read and confirm the privacy statement before submitting your form.