The death of more than 130 people in homeless accommodation has been branded a ‘scandal’.

The city council revealed the figure covering deaths in temporary accommodation flats, B&Bs and hotels in Glasgow for the last three years.

It showed there had been 132 deaths between March 2020 and March 2023

The data was reported by the Daily Record after a Freedom of Information request by Glasgow Labour.

Of the total 51 deaths took place in hotels and B&Bs used by the council as emergency accommodation.

A spokesperson for the council said: “During the three year period referenced, Glasgow had on average 4,500 people with active homeless applications. Sadly, 132 people from this population died while open to homelessness services from poor health and sickness, lifestyle and natural causes.

“In the same period we received 36,000 requests for support and emergency accommodation resulting in a daily hotel B&B population of between 650-750.

"While it is regrettable that 51 people died while residing in emergency accommodation, Glasgow Homelessness Health and Social Care services have robust arrangements in place to ensure we target those with multiple and complex care needs with a rigorous audit and review process in place to consider the circumstances of anyone who dies while known to our service.”

George Redmond, leader of the Glasgow Labour Group said: “This is an absolute scandal and shows the systems for vulnerable people are just not in place.

“It is also a sign of the decline of Glasgow where lifeline services are continuing to be cut.”