The cost of replacing hundreds of Glasgow City Council vehicles that do not meet the Low Emission Zone Standards would be more than £30m.

The council has more than 600 vehicles across all its departments that will be unable to enter the city centre since the LEZ enforcement started on June 1 this year.

Fewer than 50 are being retro-fitted and the rest will be maintained until they are due to be replaced under the usual programme.

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Labour councillors in the city asked for details of the council’s non-compliant fleet.

They were told there are 616 vehicles currently non-compliant and 46 will be modified with catalytic converters to bring them up to the required emissions standards.

A council official said the cost to replace the other 584 vehicles would be higher than £30m.

The council said here is no impact on services and that the vehicles were not required to enter the city centre.

Before and after the enforcement date the council told businesses in the city and that the scheme had been publicised for years and there had been plenty of time to get ready.

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The official told Labour there are few firms able to carry out work to make vehicles compliant.

The response said: “There are only a handful of companies providing the service to revise the emissions profile of vehicles from Euro 5 to Euro 6 and many of these companies are only able to provide this for a few different makes and models of vehicle.”

George Redmond, Labour group leader, said: “We are not against the principle of the LEZ but this is another example of it being thought through properly.

“The SNP are not listening or respecting the businesses in Glasgow.”

It will cost the council a quarter of a million pounds to retrofit the 46 vehicles.

They are 3.5tonne caged tipper vehicles, which are used for emptying litter bins in the city and in parks.

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: “There is no impact to Council services from the non-compliant fleet as there is no requirement of any of these vehicles to enter the LEZ.

“All operations are being carried out as normal.

“As these vehicles were not required to enter the LEZ, there was no need to replace them prior to the LEZ being introduced.

“All fleet replacements will be undertaken in line with the council’s ongoing fleet replacement programme.”