A dad wants to thank the mystery donor who gave him a “miracle” transplant.

Brian Robertson “has his freedom back” after getting a new kidney from the NHS this year.

The 36-year-old, from Johnstone, had been suffering from renal failure meaning he had to spend five hours in hospital, three times a week, on dialysis.

The dad-of-two was forced to revolve his entire life around the vital appointments which allowed a machine to clean out his blood.

Glasgow Times: Brian had a kidney transplant this yearBrian had a kidney transplant this year (Image: Newsquest)

Brian then got a call this year offering him a new kidney which he quickly accepted.

The operation was a huge success and his new organ is working “perfectly” leaving Brian "ecstatic".

Due to confidentiality, he has no idea who gave him the kidney but wants to thank their family for the life-changing donation as he “thinks about them every single day”.

Glasgow Times: Brian finally got his freedom backBrian finally got his freedom back (Image: Newsquest)

Brian said: “My transplant was like a miracle, it is working absolutely perfectly so I have freedom again.

“I can start thinking about going on holiday with my family and don’t need to be in hospital all the time.

“This kidney just came right out of the blue, it is working absolutely perfectly. It is a miracle in my eyes. I never thought I would get my freedom back.

“Although I am ecstatic, I know unfortunately a young man has lost his life. I can’t stop all that hurt but I want to thank his family for how much the transplant has really helped me.”

Glasgow Times: Siobhan with Brian after his transplantSiobhan with Brian after his transplant (Image: Newsquest)

Brian first became unwell when his partner Siobhan Ronaldson was pregnant with their first son Brody eight years ago.

He noticed headaches, fatigue, a loss of appetite, and when his skin became discoloured, he decided to go to the doctor for help.

Despite having no previous health problems and an active lifestyle, doctors tragically confirmed his kidney was functioning at just 4% and he could have died if he waited longer.

Brian underwent surgery and began adjusting to his new lifestyle. It was then three years later he was offered his first kidney on the NHS.

Glasgow Times: Brian with his boys Brody and LewisBrian with his boys Brody and Lewis (Image: Newsquest)

However, Brian tragically caught covid during the pandemic and this caused his new kidney to fail. He was put back on dialysis and on the waiting list for a transplant.

Then in March this year, he got a phone call again offering him another shot which he gladly accepted and is now thrilled to be back on his feet.

Glasgow Times: Brian underwent surgery this yearBrian underwent surgery this year (Image: Newsquest)

Brian said: “I was very close to worrying about my life. If I had waited another four weeks, I could have died.

“It was really tough. I was a new dad and had always been strong minded but the news was hard and everything just went numb.

“I was only 28, had no family health issues and no problems myself until this so it was a big shock and traumatic.

“If anyone isn’t feeling right, I think they should go check it out right away, don’t put it off.”