Thousands of families in Glasgow are affected by the two-child cap on tax credits.

Almost 4000 households are denied support for at least one child under the controversial policy.

Official data from the UK Government shows there are 3990 households in the city hit by the two-child cap.

It is more than half 54% of all people with children receiving Universal Credit or Child Tax Credits.

The SNP produced the figures after analysing the DWP statistics on benefits.

Opposition parties have branded the cap heinous and cruel.

The policy, introduced by the Conservatives under the government’s welfare reform agenda, has been highlighted this week after Keir Starmer, UK Labour leader said it was not Labour policy to scrap the two-child limit.

Scottish and Glasgow Labour politicians have hit out at the decision and said the cap must be scrapped if Labour wins power at the next General Election.

The SNP said Labour is content to leave children in poverty.

David Linden, Glasgow East MP, the party’s Social Justice spokesperson, said: “Sir Keir Starmer has abandoned thousands of families in Scotland to poverty by making the political choice to keep the Tory two-child cap - demonstrating that independence is the only way to secure real change and a fairer future for Scotland.
"Politics is about priorities. The SNP government has prioritised tackling poverty by introducing progressive policies like the Scottish Child Payment but the damaging policies of the Tories and pro-Brexit Labour Party are pushing children back into poverty and undermining progress.”

Glasgow Labour MSPs Pam Duncan Glancy, Pauline McNeill and Paul Sweeney have all publicly criticised the decision not to scrap the two-child cap.