Dragons Den star and popular BBC presenter Evan Davis revealed how he learned of his father's suicide on his wedding day.

His brother texted him the devastating news during the wedding reception in July of last year.

The economist and TV personality was then forced to make an impromptu speech informing everyone of the news.

Speaking with the Sunday Times, the long-time host of the popular business show Dragons Den opened up about the whole experience.

In a note left behind by his 92-year-old father Quintin, he said his "system is closing down" and that there was "no alternative" to suicide.

However, Evan Davis said that the day ended up being "a very warm-hearted, supportive, reflective day" and that he did not learn about the cause of death until later on.

The BBC Radio 4 host was marrying Guillaume Baltz in a follow-up to their 2012 civil partnership ceremony.

His father had been very supportive of the couple, making a "proud and loving" speech at the event.

Evan Davis 'burst into tears' after learning of father's suicide on wedding day

During the wedding, Evan received a text from his brother Roland reading "Call ASAP".

When he was told of the news, the BBC presenter told his husband before being later informed that he had taken his own life.

However, he revealed that encouraging messages had allowed him to carry on through the big day.

He told guests: "We've just had some news. My father died. But I don't want you to be alarmed. He was very elderly and it was definitely time.

"There's actually nothing we can do. So I'm going to propose that we carry on."

When he returned to work, he said that when he was asked how his wedding went, he "burst into tears".

Evans revealed that his father had emailed his three sons a year prior to inform them of his intention to end his own life.

But while speaking to the Sunday Times, Evans shared that he still wasn't sure why he chose his wedding day.

Several notes were found for Quintin's sons, wife and close family.

One handwritten note read: "To all my family, I am so sorry - so, so sorry - to spring this on you. But it is the best outcome.

"My system is closing down and I am on the verge of a mental breakdown - ie, I am going mad and physically falling apart. I really have no alternative. Thank you all for being such a wonderful family."

Quintin added that he had "at no time been helped in any way in deciding to take my own life" and that he "perform(ed) this action because I wish to maintain my autonomy".