A pair of louts shouted 'you're getting done in' as they tried to attack workers at an MOT garage in Clydebank.

Lee Fraser, 30, and Kyle McGuire, 28, visited The Garage on Napier Street on July 6, 2021, armed with weapons. 

The terrifying ordeal left one of the thugs being restrained to the floor after he ran at employees with a hammer.

At the hearing on July 25, procurator fiscal Tiffany Chisholm said that two workers were finishing work at around 6pm when the brother of one of the employees and the partner of the other had just arrived at the building.

It was then that Fraser, of Pine Street, Johnstone, and McGuire, of Dalcross Street, Glasgow, arrived at The Garage and started shouting at all four people.

Ms Chisholm told the court that threats such as 'you're getting done' and 'motors are getting done' were heard.

Both men were told to leave, but it was then spotted that McGuire was holding a glass bottle above his head. He threw the weapon at one of the employees narrowly missing him.

The bottle bounced off a motor vehicle and smashed on the wall behind the employee where glass shattered across his ankles.

Both of the employees checked to see if the car was damaged when they noticed that Fraser had a hammer on him.

Fraser started running towards the same employee that had the glass bottle thrown towards him shouting 'I'll f***ing hit you'.

As the employee feared for his life, he struck Fraser on the face to stop the attack.

The three men managed to wrestle Fraser to the ground and gave the hammer to the partner of the employee who took it safely out of the garage.

Whilst Fraser was restrained, McGuire had a second glass bottle and began shouting 'I'll do you in'.

When police arrived they saw McGuire with the bottle and Fraser sitting on the ground.

Both of the men were arrested and taken to Clydebank police station.

The duo appeared in Dumbarton Sheriff Court this week where they pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner when they brandished a hammer and two bottles and repeatedly uttered threats of violence.

They admitted to throwing the bottles causing it to strike a parked car, smash and strike one of the employees and run towards him with a hammer.

McGuire admitted to a further charge of having the bottle in a public place without lawful authority.

Fraser's defence solicitor said: "He gives a different explanation from the Crown narration to the criminal justice social work report and the explanation for that is your lordship heard by the Crown him being restrained by witnesses.

"[From that] he suffered multiple injuries which included a head injury and tells me that affected his recollection of the procedure of the events.

"He accepts what has been said in court. He seems to have a grip of the substance misuse issues and he is not consuming alcohol. He hasn't committed any offences in the meantime.

"I would submit that the custody threshold can be avoided. He is in a position to carry out unpaid work and would prioritise that. From his point of view, he likes to be busy if he can be."

Meanwhile, McGuire's lawyer said: "He had spent a number of days in custody before being committed to bail.

"He seems to have a much more settled lifestyle at the present time. He indicates he has a rather poor recollection of the event from taking alcohol and Valium.

"His circumstances are quite significantly different at the time of the offence. The [social work] report itself is relatively positive and all options appear open to the court. He is well aware given the nature of the offence, the weapon involved and given the previous convictions that your lordship would be bound to consider custody.

"I might convince your lordship that this is an alternative to custody."

Sheriff Seith Ireland said: "Custody could well have been imposed. Mr McGuire has a worrying record including a recent conviction of violence. I have some influence that time has passed by without further repetition. 

"In all of the circumstances with respect to both accused I think this case would cross the custody threshold but I think there are alternatives for punishment in the community. I have been influenced that both of you have kept out of trouble."

Fraser was ordered to complete 240 hours of unpaid work and McGuire was ordered to complete 300 hours.