A REPEAT offender was grassed in by his neighbour after being spotted holding a weapon in Clydebank.

Lewis Graham was seen holding a hammer in the front garden of a property in Alsatian Avenue on June 24 this year.

His solicitor explained at Dumbarton Sheriff Court that there was a disturbance that day where Graham's door was kicked in and he grabbed the hammer for self-defence.

Procurator fiscal Tiffany Chisholm said the woman began recording the disturbance and reported it to the police.

It was heard at his sentencing last week that whilst Graham was in a custody cell the neighbour emailed the video footage to police which "clearly showed Graham holding a hammer".

The 26-year-old appeared in the dock on July 25 from custody where he pleaded guilty to having the weapon in a public place without a reasonable or lawful excuse.

We previously told in March this year that the serial offender was jailed again after he tried to pass a vegetable knife to a friend without cops noticing near a taxi rank in Clydebank.

His defence solicitor, Michael Henry, said: "He is having difficulties with alcohol addiction. He is very open and honest about this in the social work report. Prior to being remanded, he had been admitted to an addiction programme for six to eight weeks. He is keen to continue with engagement with these services.

"He tells me that people came to his house kicked in his door and smashed his window in. He says that one of the men that done this was in possession of a knife and says he picked up a hammer to defend himself and scare those men to chase them. 

"Although that is the position he accepts he shouldn't have gone outside with the hammer. There was no intention to use the hammer. 

"He does take full responsibility. He has mentioned to me that it is quite clear that alcohol is a catalyst for this offending."

Sheriff Seith Ireland deferred the case until later this year so the original sheriff could deal with the matter.

He said: "The best thing I can do in terms of justice is defer the case back to Sheriff Gallacher."