A retired Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) worker has accused their former employer of "dragging their heels" claiming a leak has caused her to live in a B&B.

Janet Bingham, 77, who stays in Riddrie in Glasgow's East End, says she has had to leave her property after a small leak ruined her home.

She owns her home, however, the pipe that is affecting the property is owned by Wheatley Home Glasgow, previously known as Glasgow Housing Association, which limits other plumbers from being able to fix the issue permanently.

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Glasgow Times: Janet Bingham in her bathroom where the leak beganJanet Bingham in her bathroom where the leak began (Image: Gordon Terris)

She first noticed the problem in May this year and reported it.

But after three months of no permanent solution, Janet said she moved out for "safety reasons". She added that she feels that her life has been put on hold.

She said: "I feel as if my life has been put on hold. I am 77 years of age and I can't live in my own home.

"It has got me so frustrated. I have been on the phone crying and begging for them to just send someone out to fix the full pipe. But they said they can't as they aren't allowed in owners' homes. It is a joke."

She added: "If they had sorted this when I first contacted them I would not be sitting in a bed and breakfast and in my own home.

"Two plumbers from building services had come out and took a look at the pipe in the wall. They told me that they couldn't fix it because the pressure from the water is bursting the seal. 

"They told me that I needed my pipes renewed from bottom to top."

Glasgow Times:

Janet confirmed that although outside contractors from building services had been in several times to fix the problem, the seal still continued to leak and ruin the walls of the property - and she has had to use dehumidifiers to dry the walls constantly.

Janet, who supported the elderly when she worked for GHA for 21 years,  said that it is a "strain" dealing with the problem.

She added: "I am a strong strong person but it is such a strain on me having to try and deal with everything that is going on and not being in my home.

"I just feel so sorry for some wee other woman who this might happen to.

"I know that GHA isn't the greatest and I worked for them for 21 years before I retired 12 years ago. 

"It was bad back then but it is a million times worse now.

"I just want my home I enjoyed to be in back. I miss it."

Glasgow Times: Janet Bingham in her abandoned living room Janet Bingham in her abandoned living room (Image: Gordon Terris)

After The Glasgow Times stepped in, a section of the Wheatley Group called Lowther, contacted the resident to let her know that the full pipe in the building will now be fixed.

Lowther, however, said they have been in constant contact with the resident throughout the process.

A spokesperson added: “We’re very sorry for the delay while we carried out thorough checks and investigations.

“Our staff are continuing to do everything they can to help the customer, including offering a temporary move while repairs were being done.

“A new water pipe is being fitted later this week which will solve the problem once and for all.”