A NUMBER of new initiatives will be rolled out across Glasgow to raise awareness of road safety amid a concerning number of fatal accidents.

Signage will be placed on streets close to primary schools at drop off and pick up times in a bid to remind motorists to be careful and considerate whilst parking and driving.

The new signs are just one of the initiatives following a number of crashes across the city, which have resulted in lives being lost.

Operations Superintendent Patrick Murphy, of Greater Glasgow Division, said: “Our Safer Communities department presented this as one of many ideas to raise awareness around being considerate users of the road as well as parking at schools, and crossing the road, whilst being mindful of the presence of children near the schools.

Glasgow Times: The new signage will be similar to car free zone signageThe new signage will be similar to car free zone signage (Image: Newsquest)

Glasgow Times:

“There is significant partnership work ongoing in relation to road deaths and incidents on the road where somebody has been seriously injured. 

“We're working with partners to look at everything from education through to enforcement.” 

We previously reported that several tragedies since the beginning of 2023 have resulted in motorists, pedestrians and cyclist losing their lives on the city’s roads.

The Glasgow Times has reported on fourteen people – including two children – who have sadly passed away. 

There has been a decrease in road traffic fatalities over the last three years, but this year has already seen an increase from 2022 – with more than four months left.

According to Police Scotland data, seven people lost their lives on the city’s roads last year, nine in 2021 and 14 in 2020.

Glasgow Times:

Mr Murphy said: “The new wide-ranging initiative is extremely important because any serious injury or death on the roads is tragic, and we're looking to try and clearly prevent that.

“We're looking to educate people to try and keep them safe on the roads. So that's the important element for me - about making the roads a safe place.

“It’s about education, prevention and it's about utilising every element we possibly can to get that message across so that we can reduce accidents and keep people safe on the roads.”

The school’s safety initiative is part of a wider campaign run by the force.

“We continue with our programme of national campaigns, whether it is relating to seat belts, drunk driving, speeding, or the condition of your vehicle,” Mr Murphy said.

Glasgow Times:

“So, there are a number of different national initiatives across the country, so it is part and parcel of a wider campaign to raise awareness, to educate, but also to communicate to the public to act in accordance with the law and the and the Highway Code. 

“We want to get the positive message out there. If you're using the road, use it lawfully, but also be considerate to other users of that road regardless of your mode of transport.”

The new signage will be rolled out across the city in due course.