A Glasgow pensioner is taking to the skies by ziplining across the River Clyde in a daring stunt.

Gloria Miller, who is 81, will be participating in the impressive stunt at the Glasgow Science Centre for Epilepsy Scotland on Friday, September 1.

The event is popular amongst many charities with people looking to tackle the challenge to raise money.

The zipline starts on a crane 100ft up beside the Riverside Museum overlooking the Tall Ship and will send participants across the Clyde at speed, a journey that is 1000ft long.

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Gloria, who now stays in East Kilbride but is from Dennistoun, says that she is excited to take part after seeing her youngest daughter do it in the past.

She said: "The reason I wanted to do this was I saw on my phone that Epilepsy Scotland were looking for one more person for the zipline.

"I remembered watching my youngest daughter do it three years ago and that looked really fun.

"She told me, "mum it will be over before you know it," so I think I will be fine once I am strapped in.

"One thing I will tell you is that I will not be eating any breakfast that morning."

Glasgow Times:

Epilepsy has played a big part in Gloria's life with many of her close family and friends suffering from it and she feels that doing this is something that will help raise awareness.

Doing the zipline in September will also not only be a brilliant moment for Gloria and her family but a touching one as it will be in the same month that her late husband, William, passed away 16 years ago.

Gloria was thinking of doing the zipline for her 80th birthday but her family had convinced her not to go along with the idea as they surprised her with a trip to rock-n-roll star, Elvis Presley's house in Graceland, Memphis.

She said: "I had planned to do this trip last year for my 80th birthday but my family had other ideas.

"They told me not to be planning anything and they all chipped together to take me to Graceland in Memphis to see Elvis's house.

"That was something else. 

"But this zipline will be exciting and I am looking very forward to it.

"After seeing my daughter do it I thought that it was fantastic and knew I wanted to do it."