A 'pioneering' scheme has been launched in Glasgow with a view to transforming access to bikes, e-bikes and e-Cargo bikes.

SWITCH UP has officially rolled out in the city, providing locals with access to bicycles, comprehensive on-road cycling training, theft insurance, maintenance service and 48-hour mobile repairs for a single monthly fee.

The new service is the first of its kind in Scotland and will provide access to bicycles to low-income individuals, allocating part of its total fleet to those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Backed by funding from Transport Scotland, the innovative offering is hoping to urban travel by providing a flexible and affordable approach to bike ownership, while furthering its mission of making cycling an integral part of everyday life.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Founder and CEO of Bike for Good, Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet, said: “Cycling is the most effective and sustainable form of urban transport. A bike subscription service is a way to remove barriers that prevent more people from cycling.

“Our goal is for other cities to recognize that by having a bike subscription service like SWITCH UP, they can provide sustainable and affordable transport options to its population."

Glasgow Times:

Users will have an account through a dedicated website, allowing them to call out mobile repairs any time within five miles of the city centre and manage their subscriptions with ease.

Prices start for a standard bike at £24 per month, and E-bikes and cargo bikes are priced at £59 and £99 respectively, with people on low incomes benefitting from 50% off.

Bike for Good is a Glasgow-based charity that sell and service refurbished bikes, hosts cycling classes, provides cycle training and delivers community programmes with the aim to promote cycling as a means of improving health and reducing environmental impact.

Gregory added: “SWITCH UP isn’t just a bike subscription service but offers additional benefits that we hope will help people to become confident cyclists and be more prepared on the roads.”