Anas Sarwar and Keir Starmer insisted there is no division between the Scottish Labour Party and the UK Party.

Both leaders took to the stage at a party event to campaign ahead of the upcoming by-election in Rutherglen and Hamilton West.

Both have had to deal with accusations they are at odds over the two-child tax credit limit.

Scottish Labour opposes the policy and wants it scrapped. Keir Starmer has stated he won’t scrap it if he becomes Prime Minister.

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They came to Rutherglen Town Hall to show they are united and are, in Starmer’s words, “welded together”.

The leaders turned up as the double act, both without a jacket and tie, both with shirt sleeves rolled up.

Starmer wants to move away from the talk around the two child cap and said Labour will have an anti-poverty strategy that is about more than one welfare policy.

Both wanted to talk about the SNP, which Sarwar says is “arrogant in power” and has “lost its way” and the Tories, who will leave behind a “damaged economy”.

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But with tens of thousands of people affected by the two-child limit in Scotland, the questions won’t go away.

Sarwar said: “We need to be honest we can’t do everything we want to straight away.”

Starmer said he won’t make “unfunded spending commitments”.

Sarwar said: “There is no division, there is no divide. This is devolution”, he said.

“The Scottish party leader said: “It’s not about fighting. Keir and I are both on the same wavelength, determined to deliver change. Enough of this division nonsense.”

Glasgow Times:

Starmer echoed the statement, adding “There’s no fundamental division” between him and Sarwar.

He said: “I hope what’s come through is real clarity. There is no difference between us.

“I genuinely believe we have to be about more than one welfare benefit cap.”

Glasgow Times:

Asked if people on tax credits with more than two children were not an immediate priority, Starmer said: “They are an absolute priority and that’s why we’ve got such clear missions which are designed to ensure that we improve the lives of everybody here in Scotland over the course of a Labour government.

“That’s why we’ll have an anti-poverty strategy, that’s why we want to grow the economy.

“Labour has got anti-poverty in it’s DNA, so of course we’re going to address that off course we want to change their lives for the better.”