Janey Godley claims no one has ever accused her of faking cancer outside of social media.

The brave 62-year-old Glasgow comedian opened up about being tormented by bullies online and how she deals with the vile abuse.

In a video posted on Twitter the mum-of-one pointed out how no one has ever confronted her in person by branding her a “monster” or telling her to “die”, despite nasty comments online.

She is urging others to remember that social media can “magnify hate” and although it can leave her “overwhelmed” it is not “real life”.Glasgow Times: Janey Godley opens up about online abuseJaney Godley opens up about online abuse (Image: Social media)

We previously reported how Janey has been targeted with “lying accusations” since battling ovarian cancer which she was diagnosed with in November 2021.

She has repeatedly defended herself on her social media platforms and is now speaking out to remind others how to deal with online abuse.



Janey explained: “I just want to have a wee chat about something.

“One of the most amazing things I've learned about social media especially Twitter is that all the hatred you get is so magnified.

“The hatred, the abuse, the threats, everything.

“You start to believe that is how your life is but in the real world nobody and I mean not one person has ever said to me, ‘you're a monster and we hate you’.

“Every single tour I have put on I have sold every single seat, at every single theatre, and every single ticket has gone.

“[The hate] is magnified on social media, but in real life, these people don't read books, they don't go to the theatre, they don't watch TV programmes, they don't come and watch comedy, and they don't buy tickets for shows.

“They just sit on Twitter with their hatred and their anger.

“Sometimes you feel it is overwhelming to be assured that is not real life.

“It is just anonymous people on social media, in real life, not one person has said anything nasty to me.

“Nobody has ever come up to me and said ‘you’re faking cancer and I hope you die’”

Janey went on to promote tickets for her upcoming shows at Prestonfield House in Edinburgh on Friday, August 25.

She also shared her hopes of touring again next year and reminded fans that she is working on her new book.