A Glasgow gran has been forced to sleep on a mouldy couch in her damp home.

Bridget Mcinulty can't use her bedroom because of severe dampness at her property in Mosspark which is now affecting her health, according to her family.

The 71-year-old suffers asthma and recently has struggled with a debilitating chest infection which her daughter, Deborah Barney, believes is being made worse by her living conditions.

Glasgow Times: Bridget Mcinulty and her daughter Deborah BarneyBridget Mcinulty and her daughter Deborah Barney (Image: Colin Mearns)

Glasgow Times: The sofa she sleep son also has mouldThe sofa she sleep son also has mould (Image: Sourced)

Bridget has been sleeping in her living room on the sofa, which has now also been infected by mould, to avoid using her room which is covered in large black damp spores.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow maintain the property and said they are “very sorry” for the condition of Bridget's home.

Deborah believes there has been traces of mould present at the property for years but Wheatley Homes Glasgow claim they were not contacted about it until July this year.

Glasgow Times: Bridget Mcinulty can't use her bedroom because of severe dampness Bridget Mcinulty can't use her bedroom because of severe dampness (Image: Colin Mearns)

The 49-year-old told the Glasgow Times: “The dampness at my mum’s house is really bad, it's shocking and disgusting.

“She is 71 and has to sleep on her cough in the living room because her bedroom is so bad, and the couch now also has mould.

“I think her health is suffering because of this, she has very bad asthma and a bad chest infection I am worried about.

Deborah added: “She has reported it before but nothing was done, now her shower is also broken which I believe was caused by the dampness.

“It means she has been getting taxis to other family members' homes to wash.

“This really isn’t good enough because she has skin problems after being burned when she was younger, so we need to keep them clean everyday.

“I just want help for my mum but I don’t think anyone is listening to us, we feel neglected and want the dampness sorted.”

Glasgow Times: Dampness has spread across the propertyDampness has spread across the property (Image: Colin Mearns)

Since being contacted by the Glasgow Times, Wheatley Homes Glasgow has arranged temporary accommodation for Bridget while they tackle the issue.

They also plan to replace anything damaged by the mould and compensate the gran for her “stress and upset”.

Glasgow Times: Dampness is on the ceilingDampness is on the ceiling (Image: Sourced)

Glasgow Times: The walls of the property are turning blackThe walls of the property are turning black (Image: Sourced)

A spokesperson for Wheatley Homes Glasgow said: “We are very sorry. We have robust procedures in place to investigate reports of mould and damp and carry out repairs quickly. We’re looking into why this took so long.

“Our repairs team visited the tenant’s home [Friday, August 18] to begin treatment work and arrange for a new shower.

“We’ve offered our tenant a temporary move while we get her home fixed as quickly as possible.

"We’ve also offered to replace damaged furniture and we’ll compensate the tenant for the stress and upset.”