Iconic buildings and locations in Glasgow have been captured from a new angle thanks to one Glaswegian.

Scott Docherty, from the Southside, has used his love for technology to showcase the city he loves in a new light. 

By obtaining the correct qualification to fly his drone and building a strong client list that has the likes of the BBC and Radisson Red on it, Scott has been able to take stunning photos and videos at angles that have rarely been caught. 

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Speaking exclusively to the Glasgow Times, Scott said: "I have always been very passionate about technology growing up.

"It was about seven or eight years ago I got my first drone, and it was a hobby to start with just playing about with it.

"My first photo was of the Hydro as it was something I had always wanted to do.

"That was how HawkAye started, I just wanted to show what photos I took and post them on social media. Now it has progressed massively since then.

"To say that I have worked with companies like Radisson Red and BBC, with them using my photos and footage is brilliant."

Glasgow Times: Drone photo of Hydro and Radisson RedDrone photo of Hydro and Radisson Red (Image: Scott Docherty)

By turning his hobby into a job that takes up a lot of his time, Scott says he has been able to see a different side of Glasgow. 

The drone enthusiast has also been able to capture the city in every season from pictures of Pollok Country Park covered in a blanket of snow to then bursting with life and greenery in the summer. 

Scott admitted that since starting to take pictures around Glasgow, he has noticed small details that he hasn't seen before. 

He said: "There are two different categories of people that usually comment on my posts when it comes to Glasgow. 

"First one is people who used to live in the city that may have moved away, or abroad, and they love being able to still connect with their old home and keep up to date with what is happening.

"The second is people who stay in the city that are surprised by how close certain things are to each other, or what parks look like from above that they maybe walk through all the time.

"It is details like this I have noticed over the years, with McLennan Arch in Glasgow Green being seen from a different perspective. The colours were stunning that day I took the photo."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:


And Scott has been taken aback at how many people are interested in his story, with people from around 60 to 70 countries all consistently interacting or clicking on his videos and photos. 

He says that being able to make a story even stronger through photos is a "pleasure" for him and continuing to work with "cool" clients is what pushes him to do it. 

He said: "The reaction I get from people on my posts is amazing, something I am glad that people are really enjoying.

"The last time I looked there were people from 60 or 70 different countries around the world that click on the photos and videos which gives me such a buzz.

"It is all about having the opportunity to tell a story from a different angle and to make it even stronger with photos is what does it for me.

"And looking to the future, being able to continue working with some really cool clients is what makes it worth doing."

A selection of HawkAye images that the Glasgow Times have been given permission to use can be seen below.

Glasgow Times: Aerial shot of Park Circus Aerial shot of Park Circus (Image: Scott Docherty)

Glasgow Times: Sunrise over the Glasgow University building Sunrise over the Glasgow University building (Image: Scott Docherty)

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Science CentreGlasgow Science Centre (Image: Scott Docherty)

Glasgow Times: Statue perked on top of the Glasgow Credit Union Statue perked on top of the Glasgow Credit Union (Image: Scott Docherty)

Glasgow Times: Overlook shot of the Botanic Gardens Overlook shot of the Botanic Gardens (Image: Scott Docherty)

Glasgow Times: A skyline view of Glasgow early in the morning A skyline view of Glasgow early in the morning (Image: Scott Docherty)

Glasgow Times: People's Palace in Glasgow Green People's Palace in Glasgow Green (Image: Scott Docherty)