GLASGOW City Council will continue to work behind the scenes to help try and reinstate two night-time bus routes that are no longer in operation. 

Earlier this summer First Bus announced its decision to scrap 11 of its night-time bus routes as a result of low passenger numbers but following an agreement reached with McGills 9 out of the 11 routes were saved. 

During Thursday’s full council meeting, concerns were raised by Green councillor Holly Bruce that the N6 from Glasgow to East Kilbride and the N2 from Glasgow to Easterhouse had not been fully reinstated.

Councillor Bruce then asked what work had been done to expand the city’s night bus services and plug the gap in the provision given by the N6 and N2 routes.

Councillor Angus Millar explained how discussions had taken place over the summer with First Bus following their announcement and it was made clear by the local authority that night-time provision should continue. 

He said: “Following the announcement, I met with First Bus and on behalf of the council I requested they reconsider their plan to withdraw night bus services or failing that they pause the withdrawal of services to make time for the council and its partners to facilitate further discussions and to allow the potential for any solutions to be found.

“I was pleased that First agreed at that meeting to pause withdrawal of service to allow for further discussions to take place.

“Councillor Aitken and I subsequently met with McGills who had previously expressed an interest in taking on some of the night bus routes that First had expressed an intention to withdraw from.

“The council continues to engage with First and I am pleased that First and McGills were able to reach an agreement to provide a degree of continuity for night bus services across the city – 9  of the 11 previous services being saved. 

“I am however mindful that we remain quite some way from the ideal night-time transport provision in the city.

“We want to use our convening power as a council in order to seek solutions for the two routes that operators have not agreed to reinstate.”