A pensioner has said he is stronger and fitter than ever after starting karate classes with grandchildren. 

Stewart Scott, 77, started attending the classes after taking his three grandchildren to TEI Karate classes at the Allander Leisure Centre in Milngavie. 

The retired PE teacher had spoken with the teacher of the class, Paul Harrison, about joining the class but said that he felt he may be too old, something Paul dismissed and told him to come along. 

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Glasgow Times:

During the sessions, Stewart has been getting heavily involved and throwing himself into everything he can do with the Bearsden resident training up to twice a week, as well as practising in the house.

Speaking to the Glasgow Times, Stewart said: "Everyone in the class has been so welcoming and helpful.

"I can't thank Paul and his brother Peter (who is a teacher too) for talking to me before I came along.

"They were just so encouraging and they were very supportive to get me involved with everything I could.

"I absolutely love it, the boost to my mental health since joining has been immense.

"And don't kid yourself on, people in the class don't hold back and that is just amazing."

Stewart added how his health has improved since joining.

He said: "I feel stronger, fitter and my stamina has definitely improved. But sometimes my old nemesis, my balance, gets the better of me.

"But to be losing weight and enjoying myself is key, despite feeling a little sore in the mornings.

"And to also spend time with my grandchildren makes it the best thing ever, even though they do love going up against me."

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

The Karate student also confirmed that when he first told his wife about joining the class she was "shocked" and in "disbelief" but has been very supportive of him.

But it is not only his family that Stewart has been impressing with his teacher, Paul, calling him an inspiration to everyone. 

Paul said: "He just gives everything he can a go and that is just amazing to see.

"When he came up to me last year he said that he had reservations about his age but wanted to give it a go.

"That was when I said don't be daft the classes are for everyone and ever since then he has been an inspiration to everyone.

"Sometimes when we are sparring I clock that his grandchildren want to go up against him and that family aspect is brilliant to see."