A father and daughter were amazed after they grew a sunflower in their back garden to tower above their family home.

Calum Stevens, from Bearsden, planted the flowers with his daughter Ella,7, as part of a family competition to see who could grow the biggest sunflower

Glasgow Times:

Standing at over five and a half meters in their garden, it is taller than a double-decker bus.

Calum said it is the tallest one they have ever grown, despite doing nothing different from previous years. 

He said: "It is something that me and my daughter like to do as she got these seeds from her Grandpa.

"There is nothing special that I can say we have done, we usually plant it and then look after it by watering it.

"No extra food or special technique went into this but it has shot right up despite us not having a great summer.

"In our family, we always have a little competition to see who can grow the biggest flower but this year I think that we have come out on top."

Glasgow Times:

The father of two first planted the seeds in mid-April with the flowers having a long growing season. 

As the months went on Calum used bamboo sticks to keep the flowers in place and prevent them from flopping over, with rope now keeping the plants in place. 

Calum said his father has also grown a gigantic sunflower in the competition standing at just over four and a half meters.

He said: "It is great to have a little positive competition like this

"My dad told me his was roughly between four and a half to five meters but when I showed him, and the rest of the family, mine they were amazed.

"The bees are still pollinating the flower, which is good, but it won't be long until it shrinks back down to the height of a small child. 

"And before we know it we will be back at it again next year."