Everyone with a smartwatch has been issued a warning by scientists after a study revealed the devices could be playing host to harmful bacteria that could make you sick.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University found that 95 per cent of tested smartwatch wristbands were harbouring disease-causing germs.

The scientists analysed different types of wristband materials, finding that rubber and plastic bands were the most susceptible to bacterial contamination.

The germs found, including Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas, are capable of causing infections such as abscesses, pneumonia and salmonella.

Nwadiuto Esiobu, biological scientist from Florida Atlantic University, told The Metro: “Plastic and rubber wristbands may provide a more appropriate environment for bacterial growth as porous and static surfaces tend to attract and be colonized by bacteria.”

He recommended people regularly wash their wristbands to remove skin, sweat and other germs from the environment.

How to clean your smartwatch wristband

Materials used for smartwatch wristbands are often known for their resiliency, but it is still possible to ruin them if you clean them incorrectly.

PC Magazine have shared the technique to clean yours without ruining it: “Put a small amount of soap—and it can be dish-washing soap, like Dawn, or hand-washing soap like Dial—into a bowl or a stopped-up sink.

“Add a little warm water. If you can, detach the bands from the smartwatch first.

“Or if the watch is waterproof, dunk the whole thing. Rub the band gently between your fingers or with a soft cloth.

“A toothbrush can help you clean in all the little grooves. If you can't detach the watch, just dip the ends of the band in the solution to clean it.

“Rinse, wipe or pat the band dry, and air dry thoroughly.