A drummer with a Scottish Rock band has revealed himself as the major donor to a campaign to halt Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone.

Paul McManus, of Gun, who is also a business owner and Labour Party donor has pledged to contribute £100,000 to the campaign and promised more if needed.

A number of firms located within the LEZ have set up the campaign to scrap the policy which saw enforcement of phase two begin earlier this year with cars affected.

Diesel cars that do not meet Euro 6 and petrol cars that do not meet Euro 4 emissions standards are not allowed to enter the city centre.  

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The campaigners argue that emissions levels have been met since the introduction of phase one, affecting buses in 2018 and there is no need for phase two.

Mr McManus said he wanted to get involved as he feels it will hit poorer people hardest.

He said: “I believe this is a cynical stealth tax, levied by a failed and discredited administration, and which is aimed at and has a significantly disproportionate effect on poor, low-paid, hardworking families who are currently struggling to cope with an unprecedented increase in their cost of living.

“It will also affect struggling city centre businesses and result in an even steeper decline in the condition of our once proud city.”

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Mr McManus has previously donated £130,000 to the Scottish Labour Party in 2022, described as a vote of confidence in its leader, Anas Sarwar MSP.

Court hearings are due to take place over the next two months to consider the arguments of business owner William Paton, of Patons Accident Repair Centre, in Townhead that the zone is unnecessary as air quality standards have been met.

Mr McManus said he would provide funds for further court actions if necessary.

He added: “He added: “I am committed to fighting this all the way and I’ll make available additional and sufficient funds to ensure we can take the SNP Glasgow City Council on in any forthcoming court cases.”

The donor is a friend of Donald MacLeod, owner of the Garage and also a campaigner against the LEZ.

Mr MacLeod said: “I knew from the moment we started the campaign that it would appeal to Paul and he had no hesitation in asking us how much we needed.”