Brazen fly-tippers left “dangerous pills” on a popular path sparking calls for CCTV cameras.

Anna Stewart feels tormented by illegal dumpers who have been abandoning rubbish at Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike Trails for “four years”.

The 82-year-old, from Castlemilk, now wants cameras installed to deter people from illegal dumping as she fears it would soon end in a fatality.

It comes after residents discovered prescribed salbutamol nebuliser solution and laxido, which can cause tremors, diarrhoea, heart problems, stomach issues, and severe pains.

Glasgow Times: Anna is sick of the messAnna is sick of the mess (Image: Gordon Terris)

Glasgow Times: Anna found lots of medicine in the rubbishAnna found lots of medicine in the rubbish (Image: Newsquest)

Anna told the Glasgow Times: “The mess left is an absolute disgrace, something needs to happen before someone dies or gets seriously hurt.

“We just found medication in the rubbish, what if a kid or animal gets into it? Is it going to take something serious like that before anything is really done?

“There needs to be CCTV put up in the area to stop this happening, it is horrible for the area.

“It has been an on-going issue for years, but nothing has been done. It is just lazy people not wanting to get rid of rubbish properly, making the area a dumping ground.”

Glasgow Times: Anna is sick of finding rubbishAnna is sick of finding rubbish (Image: Newsquest)

Glasgow Times: Anna thinks CCTV might help the issueAnna thinks CCTV might help the issue (Image: Gordon Terris)

Pictures seen by the Glasgow Times have been massive piles of rubbish dumped on the site including boxes of medications, debry, bin bags, and plastic waste.

One other resident who lives near the area, named Jane, said: “I am so sick of people dumping stuff and nothing getting done about it.

“It is a really serious issue. It looks a mess and we need it to end, it has been happening for years.

“I am really worried a small child will get into something they shouldn’t and it will be too late.

“I have been told we will get CCTV but have yet to see that happen.”

A council spokesperson said: “We completely share the resident’s frustration on this matter.

“Fly-tipping is an environmental crime that blights communities, causes justifiable upset among residents and becomes a significant drain on public resources.

“Everyone knows that fly-tipping is wrong, including the cowboy contractors who are frequently behind these incidents.

“We are aware of the latest incident at this location and it will be dealt with appropriately.

“If anyone has any information on those responsible they should contact the police or our environmental health team so appropriate action can be taken.

“We are looking at what interventions could help to prevent fly-tipping at this location.”