A Glasgow dad has been left heartbroken after his baby son’s rash was revealed to be a rare “adult cancer”.

Tommy McDougall, 26, was heartbroken after doctors diagnosed little 18-month-old Thomas with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, which is normally only found in adults.

The condition affects the blood and bone marrow leaving the youngster becoming suddenly very ill around six weeks ago.

Tommy, from Drumchapel, and mum Alex Davies, 22, raised the alarm after noticing a rash appear on the tot along with him struggling to move as he suffered a fever and pains.

Now watching the youngster go through chemotherapy and treatment the dad-of-one says it still “doesn’t feel real”.

Glasgow Times: Little Thomas is now fighting an adult cancer at just 18-months old.Little Thomas is now fighting an adult cancer at just 18-months old. (Image: Sourced)

Tommy told the Glasgow Times: “I was in shock when they told us he had adult leukaemia.

“It's been weird dealing with it, despite seeing him every day in the hospital it still doesn't seem real.

“At the beginning of it all he stopped being able to crawl and he was just finding his feet to learn to walk and then all of a sudden, he wouldn't really want to move.

“Now he's back standing up, crawling around and trying to take little steps again so it just seems like there's nothing wrong even though he has adult leukemia it's just a strange position to be in.”

Glasgow Times: Alarm bells rang for his parents after noticing this rashAlarm bells rang for his parents after noticing this rash (Image: Sourced)

Glasgow Times: Thomas is fighting cancerThomas is fighting cancer (Image: Sourced)

Loved ones have rallied round the family to help them during this difficult time and are raising money to support them.

It comes as tot faces years of treatment and special care as he goes through radiation and has a low immune system.

His parents are also considering giving the money to charity despite feeling the financial pressure themselves.

Glasgow Times: Thomas is being treated in hospitalThomas is being treated in hospital (Image: Sourced)

Glasgow Times: Thomas has a blood cancerThomas has a blood cancer (Image: Sourced)

Tommy explained: “Thomas has money going towards keeping him safe after he is released from hospital for things like gloves, and sanitizer.

“Some cancer care things are more than £100 and he will be needing care for up to two years after release.

“Right now, even if we need to change his nappy we need to wear gloves because of the radiation from the chemo.

“It could affect me and his mother which could cause us cancer.

“We need to clean him with Hydromol into hot water and dip non-woven swabs into it instead of using wipes.

“This is because his skin is dry which could cause cracks and makes it easier for infections during his low immune system period.

“We can't even touch his clothes that he's peed through or been sick on or covered in saliva due to it having a chance to make us ill too.

“We thought about maybe giving money to the ward Tommy is living in to help the nurses to be able to do their job easier and more efficiently, and my partner has mentioned a Cancer charity.”

You can donate to help the family here.