FOODBANK collection points will be reinstated at some council offices due to “high levels of demand” for help.

SNP councillors Annette Ireland and Chris Lunday secured cross-party support for a motion which called for donation points to help foodbanks, food larders and baby banks.

It stated foodbank use has “risen sharply since 2010, with demand this year higher than ever before”.

The motion, amended by Provost Mary Montague, Labour, expressed “great concern” that charities are “facing high levels of demand from adults and children in need of vital help”.

A council official said that collections often happen in schools and there are points where donations can be made in health centres.

They added collection points would be reintroduced at the council’s Eastwood headquarters and offices in Barrhead.

The council’s chief executive, Steven Quinn, said a “staff values group will start up the delivery points in HQ, Barrhead offices and continue the deliveries at the two health and social care offices”.

He added: “Staff will ensure that those deliveries and donations are taken to the food banks that they work with.”

Ahead of the meeting, Cllr Lunday said: “Foodbanks, larders and babybanks do such an incredible job and times are so tough at the moment.

“I think as a council we need to show our support for these voluntary organisations that do such a great job.”

He said NellyBoxes East Renfrewshire Baby Bank, which launched last year, has been “supporting so many families”.

“It’s sad that these organisations are needed but the work they do is essential.”