Plans for the safer drug consumption room in Glasgow have been revealed.

The facility will be located at an existing health facility in the East End

Glasgow’s Health and Social Care Partnership has published the proposals.  

The SDCF will be situated in Hunter Street Health and Social Care Centre.

Susanne Miller, Chief Officer of the HSCP said: “The site offers a discrete base, closely located to the city centre, and implementation of the Enhanced Drug Treatment Service within the centre has not caused significant challenges for the community.”

There is no timescale for when it will open but the Scottish Government has committed funding from April 2024.

It is understood the council is keen to have the facility open as soon as it can be ready.

The Scottish Government has told the HSCP it is: “Prepared to make up to £2,347,000 available per annum to Glasgow HSCP for the development, set up and running of the Safer Drug Consumption Facility Pilot Project in Glasgow, from April 2024/25.”

It said “Funding will be made available in the first instance until March 2027 for the initial stages of the pilot.

The facility will include “a new reception area, injecting area with booths, post-injection area, treatment rooms, and recovery/aftercare area.”

It will be open and staffed from 9am to 9pm every day of the year.

Ms Millar added: “There is overwhelming international evidence which demonstrates that Safer Drug Consumption Facilities can improve the health, wellbeing and recovery of people who use the facility and reduce the negative impact that public injecting has on local communities and businesses.”

The facility, where drug users can inject in a safer environment with staff on hand in case of emergency, will be located with other services.

They will include: “Enhanced Drug Treatment Service, Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services, Enhanced harm reduction services, Blood Borne Virus, Sexual Health Services, and visiting Recovery and Social Wellbeing services.”

Ms Millar added: “An SDCF therefore is one of a range of services available on site aimed at reducing significant harms associated with injecting drug use.”