THE recent revelation of an alleged bullying culture within the SNP is disgusting but hardly surprising.

It’s astounding that a party claiming to be a champion of progressive values and independence for Scotland could foster such a toxic environment. It was awful to hear of the allegations made by an SNP MP who revealed that group bullying within the party was so bad that it gave them panic attacks.

When a party that professes to stand for social justice and equality reveals such an ugly underbelly, it’s particularly disappointing. The SNP has painted itself as the champion of the Scottish people, but these allegations reveal a party that seems to have lost its way, if it ever had it in the first place.

What’s truly commendable in this unfortunate saga is the courage of the SNP MP who came forward to share their experience. It takes immense bravery to speak out against your own party, and their actions should be applauded. Their story is a stark reminder that bullying transcends party lines and must be addressed head-on in all political organisations.

The SNP leadership cannot sweep these allegations under the rug. 

They must take them seriously, conduct a thorough investigation, and hold those responsible accountable. If the SNP are genuinely committed to creating a better Scotland, it starts with cleansing their own ranks of toxic behaviour.

Moreover, the SNP should not merely respond reactively; they must proactively implement strong anti-bullying policies. These policies should leave no room for ambiguity and should clearly define what constitutes bullying.

Members must know how to report such incidents without fear of retaliation.

One of the problems from the outside looking in is it seems that if you don’t toe the line, then there is fear. A fear that you won’t get funding or a promotion or a contract or the planning approved. 

The culture of bullying appears to be endemic with the SNP and they need change.

It’s not just about policy, though, it’s about a cultural shift within the SNP. 

Respect, inclusivity and open dialogue should be the norm, not the exception. Dissenting voices should be welcomed, not silenced through intimidation. If the SNP leadership is serious about change, it must lead by example and set the tone for its members.

This latest scandal from the SNP reflects poorly not only on the SNP but Scottish politics as a whole – we’re all competing for the same goal: a better Glasgow, a better Scotland. But when a party resorts to bullying tactics, it undermines the very essence of democracy and public service.

The latest bullying scandal is a glaring example of hypocrisy within a party that claims to represent the people of Scotland.

The SNP must take immediate and meaningful action to address these allegations, reform their internal culture, and show they are genuinely committed to the values they espouse. It’s high time that the SNP clean up their act, for the sake of their members, Scotland and the integrity of our political system as a whole. 

Bullying has no place in politics, and it’s time for the SNP to prove they understand that.

Bullying has no place in Glasgow, it’s time for all of us to stand up to bullying.

Change is coming and the people of Glasgow are telling us it can’t happen soon enough.