MYSTERY surrounds the "shocking" vandalism of 180 young trees behind the new Clydebank Health Centre.

Last week, the Glasgow Times was contacted by a member of the public who reported the support harness which attaches the new trees to a wooden stump at Queens Quay had been intentionally cut.

There were fears the trees would be blown away when Storm Agnes hit the area this week.

However, thankfully all the trees survived as attention turns to who and why someone would do such a thing.

Glasgow Times: Police are looking into the damagePolice are looking into the damage (Image: Supplied)

The resident who contacted the Glasgow Times, who wished to be unnamed, couldn't believe it when they discovered all the trees down at the waterside had been intentionally damaged in this way.

They said: "Absolutely shocking.

"This is a significant amount of damage to young saplings."

The local contacted Police Scotland to report the mindless vandalism and a probe has been launched to investigate the matter.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Officers are carrying out enquiries following a report of support harnesses being cut from around 180 young trees in the Queens Quay area of Clydebank.

"Enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances."