WE tried out Glasgow’s new dog park with a hyper puppy, a lazy English Bulldog and two Yorkies – and we can’t wait to go back.

Ahead of the much-anticipated opening on Saturday afternoon, we headed down to Unleash the Dog’s new site at Arkleston Road with a beloved team of four furry friends.

We previously reported that the enclosed park, located in Hillington, and on the outskirts of Paisley and Renfrew, spans 1.5 acres, and is an ideal location for dog owners.

Obstacle and agility equipment includes tyres for jumping through, a boardwalk, slalom poles, ramps and more.

For Winston (the English Bulldog), it was obvious from the get-go he would not be jumping through any hoops (or tyres in this case) – not even for his favourite treats.

He spends most of his time sleeping in his bed, on the couch, the floor – anywhere he can really, so exercise is not up his street.


@glasgowtimes We tried out Unleash The Dog’s new site in Hillington with some help from our furry friends 🐶 #VocêNasceuParaMudar ♬ Vibes - ZHRMusic

He mostly enjoys the (short) walks he gets every day, but sometimes pretends to be asleep to avoid being dragged off the couch (especially if it’s raining).

But surprisingly he gave most of the equipment a go – after being tempted by treats. He also enjoyed having a huge safe space to be off his lead and wander about with his ball.

Alfie, a nine-month-old Lhasa Apso, on the other hand, made full use of all agility equipment, along with Mia and Mac, both six.

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times: All four of our furry friends got a good run about, without having to worry about other dogs being around.

There were bowls of drinking water available for the dogs – which was well needed after tiring themselves out. 

Despite being the last day in September, we got lucky with the weather. It stayed dry throughout our visit, but living in Glasgow, we know that always won’t be the case.

Thankfully, the team took the unpredictable weather into consideration when planning the new park and a shelter was an essential.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Unleash the Dogs and are looking forward to going back. 

For more information, including prices, and to book a slot, click HERE.