THE appalling attacks by Hamas against Israel over the weekend have shocked the world.

While I – like many Glasgow Times readers – have become used to conflict in this part of the globe, this was one of the most barbaric acts of terrorism in living memory. 

Indeed, Israel has called it their 9/11 moment. People of all ages were targeted by Hamas terrorists, including the horrific killing of 260 young people enjoying themselves at a music festival.

I am proud to stand with Israel in the wake of this terrorism and it has been heartening to see many countries around the world show their support for them, by lighting up key buildings in the colours of Israel’s flag.

With that in mind, at the time of writing, I have asked Glasgow City Council’s Lord Provost to ask if our very own City Chambers will reciprocate and light up our own landmark in George Square in Israel’s flag.

That would represent a powerful show of strength to the Jewish communities our city and the surrounding area is home to.

Upon seeing the atrocities occurring in Israel I was confident we would see cross-party messages of support and condemnation against Hamas, but how naive that turned out to be.

Scottish Green MSPs have been particularly shameful in their lack of criticism for Hamas, even when it has been pointed out to them that as they attacked Israel, they raped and murdered women.

Saturday saw the highest number of Jews killed in a single day since the Holocaust, yet those Green MSPs such as Maggie Chapman and Ross Greer, far left, wouldn’t openly condemn an internationally recognised terrorist organisation.

Is that the state our politics has reached? Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised because the Scottish Greens were invited by the SNP into government in 2021 despite refusing to sign up to the internationally recognised definition on antisemitism, which they have still refused to sign up to.

It doesn’t stop there though. Scottish Labour MSP Mercedes Villalba also weighed into the debate and avoided mentioning what Hamas had carried out in a terror attack, which took many by surprise in Israel and across the world. Mercedes is an ally of Jeremy Corbyn who when doorstepped didn’t condemn the attacks himself. Whatever your politics, I am sure most will agree that the response from the UK would have been deeply worrying if Corbyn was Prime Minister right now.

How hard is it to simply condemn Hamas and express your thoughts being with those Israeli citizens who have lost loved ones?

I am not naive to the debate that has raged on both sides in relation to Middle East politics, but this is the time to stand united and show some humanity for those in Israel.

I can only hope this situation does not escalate further. For now, I hope we can all show our support for Israel, including right here in Glasgow.