BUFFER zones outside hotels where asylum seekers are living are needed to protect people from protests the SNP conference has agreed.

A hotel in Erskine has been targeted for months and there are fears it could spread unless action is taken.

Protests and counter-demonstrations and anti-racism rallies have taken place outside the MGM Muthu Hotel in the town.

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The call is for zones similar to what is being proposed for health facilities to take anti-abortion protesters away from outside hospitals and clinics to allow women to access services free from harassment.

Members of the SNP Govan Kingston branch put forward the resolution which was approved by the conference.

Dovydas Kuilesas, told the conference “right-wing racist groups” have been targeting asylum seekers in the hotel “shouting racist slogans and inciting local hostility”.

He added: "It is trying to weaponise the housing of asylum seekers in these easily identified hotels.”

Mr Kuilesas said the Scottish Government is committed to buffer zones outside abortion facilities and said the principle should be extended to cover asylum accommodation as well.

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Dan Buckley, of Paisley Tannahill branch, told of the plight of some of the people housed in the hotel.

He mentioned a 21-year-old who fled Iran after being shot by police and still had the bullet lodged in him when he arrived in the UK.

Another man a 22-year-old, he said fled Syria after he witnessed his father shot dead in front of him.

He condemned the protests outside the hotels.

He said: “The protests have been going on since January this year, at any one time there can be between 10 and 15 outside. This is not and never will be welcome in Scotland.”

He said it is already happening in places in England and could spread to other places including Glasgow especially if the council has to use public buildings to accommodate people if the expected rise in homelessness occurs with the Home Office speeding up asylum applications.