A DEVASTATED friend of murdered Margaret Fleming is today demanding answers from her one surviving killer over what happened to the vulnerable teenager.

Gillian McCulloch — who has also slammed an inquiry report into Margaret's death as 'too little too late' — is pleading with Avril Jones to finally give up the secrets of what she and evil Eddie Cairney did to her.

Cairney, 82, died last weekend without revealing where 19-year-old Margaret's remains are.

Now Gillian, 42, is set to write to Jones in prison asking her to break her silence.

Glasgow Times:

Gillian, who attended Slaemuir Primary School in Port Glasgow with Margaret, hailed killer Cairney's death as 'the best news', adding: "I hope he rots where he is now."

She is hoping that his passing will result in Jones revealing the full story behind her Margaret's death.

Gillian told our sister title the Greenock Telegraph: "I was hoping to write to Avril. I feel like saying 'you're in prison now and you not getting out, let people know where Margaret is, he's [Eddie's] got no hold over you'."

Her plea comes in the wake of the publication of a damning report which catalogues a series of failures over several years prior to Margaret's murder at the hands of her evil killers — and afterwards.

Glasgow Times:

The inquiry examined all agencies involved in her short life and found serious shortcomings which allowed Jones and Cairney to evade justice for 16 years, whilst collecting £182,000 worth of benefits money in Margaret's name.

The review, led by Professor Jean MacLellan OBE, came to the conclusion that Margaret 'was invisible at the time of her death'.

More than 100 people were interviewed and the key finding was a breakdown in communication between the agencies that should have been supporting her, including the Department of Work and Pensions, social workers, police and GPs.

The report said: "She was gradually and systematically removed from her world little by little and step by step."

A series of recommendations have been made for all the agencies involved to implement.

Glasgow Times:

Visitors to Seacroft in Inverkip where Margaret lived with the couple also missed chances to raise the alarm about what was happening.

The report said: "Margaret was observed by individuals who visited Seacroft with tubing on her arms, duct tape on her writs and calling in distress from a bedroom window."

But these concerns were not reported.

The DWP was criticised for paying benefits without seeing Margaret for over a decade and the role of social work was also scrutinised.

Gillian, a mum of three and step-mum to a further two children, said: "It's all too little too late. It is shocking that it has taken what happened to Margaret for all this to be done.

"There was no communication between agencies and this is the result. Margaret's mum wasn't allowed to see her but nothing was followed up. Margaret's dad's girlfriend, she had concerns and she was ignored.

"I hope lessons have been learned, it should never be allowed to happen again."

Cairney and Jones were convicted of Margaret's murder in 2019 and each sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 14 years.