A woman has issued a plea to the UK Government to help get her husband out of Gaza.

Jola Aljakhbir, from Baillieston, is terrified for her husband Younis, who has been trapped in Gaza.

He travelled to visit his parents, brothers and sisters and their families, including young nieces and nephews, some of who he had not yet met.

But he has been unable to get out following the siege by Israel after the Hamas attack last weekend.

@glasgowtimes Jola Aljakhbir, from Baillieston, is terrified for her husband Younis, who has been trapped in Gaza. Full story, link in bio. #israel #palestine #gaza #glasgow ♬ original sound - Glasgow Times

Jola, 39, said: “All we can do right now is sit and wait.”

Glasgow Times:

She said every day she prays Younis is still alive.

Younis, 26, who works for a vehicle firm in the city, went last month to visit his family who he has not seen in more than six years.

Now his wife waits at home in Glasgow, hoping every day is the day he gets to return, and she is checking daily that he is still alive.

Glasgow Times:

Jola said: "He went there to visit the family and was supposed to be back a week ago but it isn't happening. 

"I'm appealing for everyone to try and help me and my husband to get him out.

"The UK Government has not much responded, I have had great support from Humza Yousaf and my MP.

"We have to push our government to get our British residents and Scottish residents out of Gaza as soon as possible.

"We might not save all of Gaza but at least let's save our families."

Jola said she has little information as Gaza has been cut off and wants the UK to help people leave like they did with flights from Israel.

Glasgow Times: She said: “As the UK government evacuated British residents from Israel, they left our loved ones behind in a perilous situation, a situation that has left us in
 a state of constant worry and fear.

“For days, we, along with other families in Glasgow, including Scottish First Minister, Humza Yousaf, whose family is also stuck in Gaza, have been calling for government attention, hoping for answers, and seeking support for the safe evacuation of our family members.

“We wake up every morning, checking the civil register, praying that our loved ones are still alive amidst the chaos and uncertainty that is Gaza.
“We are left in the dark, relying on unofficial sources like Telegram to find out what is happening in the war-torn Gaza Strip.
“Israel has severed all essential services to Gaza, leaving our family members cut off from the world, hungry, and scared, adding to the urgency of our plea.”