A Johnstone dad whose occupations have included soldier, engineer and firefighter has told of his latest career venture.

Ross Brackenridge, 33, had a four-year stint serving in the British Army in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, spending time in the Middle East, Kenya, Cyprus and Italy.

As a Lance Corporal, he specialised in support weapons and reconnaissance. During his time serving, Ross represented the army boxing development team - something he took great pride in - having boxed as an amateur from the age of 15.

After leaving the army, Ross worked as an installation engineer for a telecommunications company, but found the contrasting working conditions a difficult adjustment to make. 

Glasgow Times:

He told The Glasgow Times: "Although I was lucky to go right into employment out of the army, I really struggled with working alone - sometimes up to 12 hours a day - and without the challenge and camaraderie that I loved about the military."

Deciding to pursue a career as a firefighter, it wasn’t long before Ross knew he had found his calling. 

He said: "I was lucky enough to find similar values and far more of a challenge and sense of service with the fire service. 

"My favourite thing about the job is the variety every day has. You start that morning and every day is different. 

Glasgow Times:

"Working in that close knit team with your crew to achieve a goal is what I thrive on and the environment I work best in."

Working at the fire service in shifts has allowed Ross to pursue another passion of his - becoming a fully qualified personal trainer. 

He said: "As a firefighter, staying fit is so important for your safety. I want to be able to help others stay fit, healthy and have longevity. 

"I think the days of training just to look good in a t-shirt are gone and people want to improve their quality of life through training and fitness. 

Glasgow Times:

"With our shift pattern at the fire service, this allows me to study and train as a personal trainer."

Ross is completing his personal training qualification through The Fitness Group - the UK's leading training provider. 

He added: "I am currently working through the online course for level 2. I’m going to complete levels 2 and 3 before doing further courses in nutrition, as well as pre and post natal. 

"I have a strong passion for combat sports as well as functional fitness and have also completed various marathons and ultra marathons."