Glaswegians are showering less because of the cost-of-living crisis.

Some residents struggling with home bill prices soaring have resorted to washing less to save energy.

This comes as British Gas Energy Trust releases new data showing 32% of adults in Glasgow are struggling with their mental wellbeing due to the cost-of-living crisis and yet 54% of adults in Glasgow find asking for help with bills embarrassing.

The research also found 10% of Glaswegians are showering less and 31% are limiting use of household appliances.

Using less energy at home has become second nature with almost two-thirds of the country adopting this practice regularly in a bid to cut costs.

Now residents looking for help during the cost-of-living crisis are being offered advice.

The British Gas Energy Trust is rolling out the next phase of its pop-ups for people seeking money and energy support.

Residents can attend Glasgow Post Office on October 23 and 24 between 11am and 2pm, as well as Springburn Way Post Office on November 6 and 7.

At the Pop-Ups, British Gas Energy Trust money and energy advisers will provide free, independent advice for anyone seeking help.

Jessica Taplin, British Gas Energy Trust Chief Executive, said: “You are not alone. For almost 20 years, British Gas Energy Trust has been helping people across Britain avoid the detrimental impact of poverty by focusing on eliminating fuel poverty. Our support includes, energy debt grants, small emergency energy grants, and we fund 45 money and energy advice charities, that offer in person confidential support in England, Scotland and Wales to help people maximise their household budget. Debt and money stresses are debilitating, which is why we are delighted to be offering British Gas Energy Trust funded money and energy advisers in Post Offices across the country to help people access independent holistic support, so they feel more confident to manage their personal circumstances moving forward.”

Nick Read, Post Office Chief Executive said: “Post Offices have been a lifeline to their communities during the cost-of-living crisis. It’s where people come to top up their pre-payment meter, collect energy bill support grants and manage their household bills. We’re proud to continue our long-standing partnership with British Gas to deliver these important pop-ups across Britain and reach into communities as the nation continues to face the rising cost of living.”

Since a successful pilot in May 2022, the British Gas Post Office Pop-Ups have been rolled out to more than 120 events across Great Britain.

People who have attended Pop-Ups were reported to feel less stressed about their energy bills and more confident about how they were going to pay upcoming bills.