As someone who has been on more ghost trains in my life than I can count, the one at Spooktacular was the scariest I have tried.

The only let down however is that it is extremely short, you are really just in and out.

Despite that I must admit it did get a genuine jump scare out of me which is more than I can say for the others.

Spoiler - the bit that got me was a lovely gentleman being fried in an electric chair with a giant bang and screeching.

Glasgow Times: We went along to Silverburn's Spooktacular CarnivalWe went along to Silverburn's Spooktacular Carnival (Image: Sourced)

If you are braver than me, or have just read my spoiler so will be at least more prepared than me, the ghost train may not leave you completely terrified - but it is definitely still worth a go.

Especially since once you pay for your ticket (from £17.50) you have unlimited ride access for the rest of the session, which is around four hours long.

That means you have full opportunity to ride everything multiple times, like we did, and find something that will thrill you like the said ‘lovely gentleman being fried in an electric chair’ did for me.

My other personal favourites were iconic classics you can’t help but enjoy like the waltzers, the big wheel, the paratrooper, and the dodgems.

Glasgow Times: The ghost train may have been short but it was fun!The ghost train may have been short but it was fun! (Image: Sourced)

The entire event really got me in the spirit of Halloween with its festive decorations and spooky atmosphere.

The organisers have completely transformed Silverburn’s car park into a spooky fairground with creepy scarecrows and a grim reaper waiting at the entrance for you.

There are rides for everyone of all ages and shapes and sizes meaning you can come along with anyone.

The event has afternoon and evening sessions which will be running until Sunday, October 29 next week.

They also offer different food stalls which do include some vegan options, but beware a lot of them wanted cash only.

If you are looking for something festive to do this Halloween then I absolutely recommend heading along to the carnival.