Dear Janice, I married a pretty girl who was grounded, funny and generally a happy person.

However, over the last few years she has changed, and not for the better.

She is obsessed with picture-perfect images of herself, me, our daughter, and even our dog!

Every time we are going out, we have to dress in matching colour co-ordinated outfits, and pose like mannequins for ages whilst she takes 100 pictures to get the perfect one.

She is constantly on her mobile taking pictures of our drinks, our food and our surroundings.

Apart from my friends tearing me apart every time they see another staged photo, I am worn out with it all and just want a life which is not on every social media site.

I have spoken to her countless times, but she ignores me. Any suggestions? Craig.

Dear Craig, I find it sad that people are living their lives through a lens instead of living for the moment because image seems more important than reality.

But perfection comes at a cost. Not least because it affects relationships (like yours), but the mental health of someone who strives for perfection can deteriorate when perfection is no longer sustainable. And let’s face it, how can it be?

Perhaps you wife is making memories that will last a lifetime, but some of our best memories are the ones when we had that dodgy haircut, outfit disaster or were looking anything but our best. That is real life.

Generally, when people feel the need to edit and filter pictures to get the perfect one, it’s because they lack self-esteem and confidence, or like all narcissists, they have to constantly fish for compliments.

Either way, tell your wife that enough is enough. Unless it is a special occasion, draw the line and tell her that from now on you are definitely out of the picture.

Dear Janice, I’ve heard all the old jokes about nagging wives but mine takes it to a whole different level.

From the minute she opens her eyes she is on my case.

It doesn’t matter what tasks I do at her request, there is always another, and another, and none are ever done to her standard. Help. George.

Dear George, women tend to nag more because they feel more responsible for managing home and family life, but this is no excuse for the way you are being treated.

Nagging can be a slow, toxic, silent death of a relationship, and this control and manipulation is a type of abuse, if it were in the workplace it would be considered harassment!

Perhaps your wife feels unhappy in your relationship.

She nags, you get annoyed and upset and fail to meet her standards, and this behaviour goes round in a vicious circle.

Agree a list of chores and stick to them.

Outwith that, if she is still on your case then I strongly suggest seeking couples therapy.

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